Jeffrey C. Carlisle

Jeffrey C. Carlisle, is an entrepreneur, strategist, and philanthropist. Mr. Carlisle has been recognized internationally as an authority on business development and corporate strategy, having developed marketing techniques contributing to revenues of over $1B worldwide.

Mr. Carlisle has advised the owners and executives of global corporations whose combined revenues exceed $10 billion, and has created personal and business development strategies which have been used by individuals, and companies with people in over 100 countries.

Mr. Carlisle has also created breakthrough personal development programs which are being used in countries around the world, including The Mindset Mastermind, The Creation through Observation Program, and The Master Mindset Program.

"What we believe is possible, becomes possible"

I had an astonishing new awakening from this class like I have never understood before..for once I find myself at the destination, I am here & the long road to get here no longer matters.

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Antonella Palazio

The biggest breakthrough for me was regarding the relationship I have with money.. This area of my life began to significantly improve within days

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Tanya Garrett

"15 Minutes Can Change Your Life!"

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