The Mindset Mastermind: How It Works

Breakthrough Technology

The Mindset Mastermind is a step by step Program for producing personal Shifts – allowing new perceptions to create new results in life… outside of previous patterns. The Mindset Mastermind is grounded in proven scientific facts centered in the awareness of how we as human beings create our lives. This awareness allows fundamental shifts in each and every area of a person’s life, outside of previously perceived boundaries, into new unseen possibilities.

Course Details

The Mindset Mastermind

The Program takes place over eight weeks, with a webinar and live discussion each week. If attending a live course program, the sessions are scheduled one time per week, around the participants existing schedule. The Program is also offered on a more personalized basis for individuals who have specific schedule demands.
Tuitions vary based on location and currency.

Other Programs

Creation through Observation Program 10 Week Program (Invitation Only)

Master Mindset Program 10 Week Program (Invitation Only)